Hokkaido Good Inn Group : Reservation Information

Hokkaido Good Inn Group : Reservation Application Information

As for the hotel rate, see the page of each hotel.
Please choose a desired staying course such as
with 2 meals, with breakfast, without meals and so on.

<<Please make a reservation by e-mail.>>

* These are charges for 1 person when using a room by 2 people or more.
* These charges include consumption tax and service charge.
* Room charges might change.
Please confirm the charge at the time of the reservation.
* The way of presentation with rate and so on may differ in each hotel.
Inquire directly of each hotel about details.

About Cancellation
We are required by law to charge for the cancellation after a reservation is concluded. When there is a sudden schedule change, please inform us as soon as possible.
The cancellation fee is as follows:

Cancellation fee (Inn)
The Day
The Previous Day
2-5 Days Before
1` 30person




@*In the case of cancellation, cancellation fee is requested as mentioned above.

The homepage online reservation (E-mail)

It is possible to reserve in the online from this home page without starting your e-mail software.
Please use it.

For an e-mail reservation, fill in a reservation application from
THIS reservation form and submit.
It is easy to fill in the form.

Special product of Hokkaido is offered to 30 groups of first arrival which have reserved by this e-mail reservation form and have stayed in 2 hotels or more.
Of the one which came off the first arrival, it is offered to the 70 groups by drawing lots.

About E-mail reservation

After we receive your application form, we send you e-mail by the conditions of vacancy. Please check your accommodation plan and send us confirmation by e-mail. Your reservation is concluded by YOUR confirmation. Thank you.

It is extremely crowded in the golden week (April 29- May 5), in consecutive holidays, on weekend and during summertime.
Making a reservation in advance is highly recommended.

If you have any request about room allocation and so on, please feel free to ask.
We are making an effort so that our guests may relax comfortably.