Welcome to the home page of Hokkaido Good Inn Group!

43 inns, guesthouses, hotels, pensions and lodges in 32 areas in Hokkaido join Hokkaido Good Inn Group.
We, the member of Hokkaido Good Inn Group, are willing to welcome travellers from all over the world.

43 hotels, which are run by owners with a remarkable personality, welcome and entertain you with sightseeing information and special dishes of each area.
If you stay in those hotels, you will be welcomed with a profitable service and a present.
Please stay casually.

When you make reservations in this homepage, you get a privilege.

Internet Reservation Privilege
1. You can get a "drink ticket."
2. If you stay in more than 2 hotels of the group member, special product of Hokkaido is offered.

@@@@@ĦA present for Internet Reservation
Various presents are prepared for the ones who make a reservation from a home page of "Hokkaido Good Inn Group."
Look what they are, and use them!
1. A drink service for the ones who stay 1 night.
2. Special product of Hokkaido is offered to the ones who stay in 2 or more member hotels; 30 groups of first arrival. Hokkaido's popular chocolate, sweets and so on are presented.
@@œ* A Drink Service * @@œ* Special Product Present *
Please print out the ticket and show it when you stay at the member hotel. A bottleof beer or soft drink is offered with one sheet of ticket. The ticket is attached to the confirmation e-mail from us.
*** Print tickets for the number of people, and show it at the time of check-in.
Please prepare tickets for each.
A special product of Hokkaido is offered to 30 groups of first arrival who made a reservation by Internet.
All you have to do is to make reservations from the reservation form of this home page for 2 hotels, and stay.
Enter the required items of the application form such as the hotel you want to stay at.
For more information, please see the Reservation Information Page.

As for the reservation by the E-mail, please from next page! @@@@‚ƒ‚Œ‚‰‚ƒ‚‹@‚g‚…‚’‚…II